South West LCC at Yonkers Office for the Aging


The South West Livable Community Council seeks to share information with one another about the multitude of services, programs and events available to residents so that they may continue to age in place in Yonkers.  The council members will act as channels to extend this information into the community.

South West LCC at Yonkers Office for the Aging:

Kirsten Hashim,
LCC Coordinator
Contact: (914) 377-6806


Linda Bohan St. John’s Riverside Hospital
Kirsten Kodl City of Yonkers, Office for the Aging
Kelly Chiarella City of Yonkers, Constituent Services
Joann Parliament Visiting Nurse Service in Westchester
Rhonda Schreiber Home Instead Senior Care
Elizabeth Donnelly Aisling Irish Center
Norma Grohowski/Janice Lubin Kirshner Jewish Council of Yonkers
Cathy Elser Yonkers 55 Plus/St. Joseph’s Hospital
Bernadette Renwick/Helen Frankel/Seth Berman Family Service Society of Yonkers
Lia Marville/Midgalia Muniz Family Service Society of Yonkers
Susan Richter DOROT
Steve Riordan Family Services of Westchester
Rob Waldman CAPS
Ana Hernandez Municipal Housing Authority/St. John’s Hospital
Sandy Korkatzis Yonkers Parks and Recreation
Daniel Morea/Al Ramsey Yonkers Veteran Services
Helen Tropp/Barbara Weinbaum/Dorothy DeRue Dehaven-on-the-Hudson
Michael Olender AARP
Anne Pagano Ravazzin Center in Aging/Fordham University
Aleyda Rivas/John Shenk Housing Resource Center at Cluster Inc.